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Between the time...

 It is enough time to the next Champions Cup. But we don’t sleep.
Preparations have begun.
The swimming pool is requested.

And we are looking for a party location.
Sure, the last time it was not so good. We apologize for that.
We want to improve it.

Champions Cup 2017 invitation is ready PDF

What about the price plates ?
Look downward...Wolf

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Price plates - A serious present to the teams

The facts about the price plates !
Since 2004 every team has got a price plate. They are especially valuable as a memory. Handmade exclusively for the Champions Cup.
Gabriele Stippa is an great artist. Since more than 30 years she
is a painter by the KPM. It is a traditional porcelain manufactory in Berlin. See the plates from the last years.

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Berlin - Traditional place for UWR

Berlin has hosted tournaments since 1973.

The traditional “Silberner Bär von Berlin” was a big tournament for a long time.
It was the ancestor for the Champions Cup. International from the beginning.

The beginning of hosting was in 1973. Lot of international teams came to Berlin.

Every time with perfect organisation and technical equipment.

Berlin was the first in Underwater rugby, which has made a livestream in 2001.

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Talk about UWR

Come to our studio in Berlin

Talk About Underwater Rugby

Be in focus.

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UWR ACADEMY - is coming

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The first international academy in Underwater Rugby (UWR) will be held on 22-23 November 2017 in Berlin.

It will take place before the most traditional UWR event, the ChampionsCup where the best club teams from around the world will participate.

For the first time an organised event like the UWR Academy will serve the development and also dissemination of UWR on global level.


It is a great opportunity for UWR coaches and players to combine a Berlin visit with a participation at the UWR Academy.

The purpose of the workshop is to advance the global UWR community to next levels. In the last years, it has become very obvious that we need to take UWR forward. This includes effective short and long term planning of UWR events and the development of the sport,  proposing alternatives and solutions to current challenges and providing a learning and exchange platform for new countries willing to engage In UWR.

A small team of 6 passionate UWR players from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey have been organizing this Academy, starting in early 2017. They expect to see 50-70 participants at this workshop to discuss current and important global issues of the sport.  The organizing committee is setting up regular calls to best prepare the Academy with inspiring contents and participants. It aims to get official recognition from governance bodies currently and the official registration starting in September.    

See the official web side http://www.uwr24.de/uwr-academy/

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