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The Academy organizing Committee consists of the following UWR players (as per June 2017)

UWR player and innovation project manager, Swiss Life Surf Rescue Luzern (SLRG), Switzerland.

19400816_1617850754892685_194004112_o.jpgTorsten STANSCHUS,
 German National Team Trainer and President of “Nikaia Rugby Subaquatique” in Nice (Background: Sport Management (BA), Business Management (MSc). Working for Aqua Lung International in France), Germany.

Wolfgang TRESS,
Organiser of Berlin CC, Germany (Background UWR: Coach, Referee, Player. Background prof:Freelance Journalist, Tourguide, Fitness-Coach)

IMG_20170619_121041.jpgJulia B. BRAUNEGG,
 Head of Austrian UWR Commission, Austria (background UWR: Head of UWR Commission for TSVÍ–, Player, Referee, Team Captain National Team; Background: Communication trainer and facilitator, Donor communication trainer/quality management advisor at INGO)


Organiser of Berlin CC,  Germany (Background UWR: Coach of female Berlin team (6 times German Champion + 4 Time Champions Cup Winner), Referee (licence C), Player in the German National Team (actual World Champion since 2015); Background prof: Sport scientist with a degree in Prevention and Rehabilitation, PE teacher, Tour Director)