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Training Set

Most of your time, to become a better rugby player, you are swimming in the pool.
If your trainer or your referee wants to break the game to make a briefing you must have a Training Set.
Every player hears the horn and the game can be stopped.

The Training Set is easy to use. It is not heavy and fits into you sports bag.

Fix the tank at the border of the pool and put the horn into the water.

The Push Button can be used by snorkeling without a annoying weight.

The battery tank is rechargeable.

- 1x Push Button (with 15m cable)
- 1x battery tank (16,8V / 4Ah)
- 1x small Horn/Buzzer
- 1x charger (not pictured) input AC 80-250V

The tank is not fully water tight. Because the connector from the push Button is not waterproofed. Please do not take the tank under water.