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History of Champions Cup
last update: 10.11.2023

Why is the Champions Cup a Berlin based event?
The Champions Cup is the successor of the former tournament called Master Cup. The Master Cup was founded by the German UWR-club Duisburg.

In the beginning of the Master Cup, the host of the tournament was the winner of the last year.
But there was a Problem. A winner is not a good host at the same time.

In 1997 Duisburg did win the Master cup, but they did not have the infrastructure for hosting the Master Cup in 1998.
So, Duisburg asked Berlin to host the Master Cup in 1998. At this time Berlin was quite good in hosting tournaments. They had a lot of experience by organising the legendary "Berliner Bär" for many years. It was a great international tournament too.

In 1998 Berlin the Berliner Unterwasserrugby-club host the Master Cup first time.

In 2004 the Berliner Unterwasserrugby-club founded the Champions Cup Berlin of for female teams.

Now the cup was renamed as Champions Cup.

Since then, the Champions Cup Berlin became the most popular tournament in the world of underwater rugby by the work of BUR and Winfried Zühlke who was one of the first to livestream whole UWR events live over the internet.


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