Talk About Under Water Rugby


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Talk about Under Water Rugby
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The beginning...



Hello everybody,

to the ChampionsCup 2014 we added a "real" live-studio with non stop commentaries to the livestream. "Real" live-studio meant some chairs, cameras, light and microphones in a separate room; pure self made.

With the equipment ready, we now needed commentators, people who like to speak in English, German and/or Spanish around the clock (!) with insights into the international UWR-scene and a good humour and fun.

Not an easy to find combination, but when Lorena and Wolf of the Berlin Sporttaucher-Team said yes to the challenge, it was a perfect match and a big surprise - we had great feedback for the livestream and the comments. Touchdown!

Lorena, a Physical Education Teacher, Physical Therapist and world wide travel guide from Argentina, with home base in Berlin for over 16 years was the first find- and plays UWR for more than 10 years!

And than came Wolf, a freelance journalist, who owns a SF/ fantasy Bookshop, is a fitness-coach and part-time travel-guide. He also plays UWR for more than 10 years.

UWR actually brought both of them together as happy couple... and they have bin ever since!

Few days after the tournament, I had the idea for a regular UWR-TV-show, called "Talk about under water rugby" and when I told Lorena and Wolf about it, they shared my excitement for the project and we started throwing concepts and ideas at each other at once - so that's how it started!

(Winne) Winfried Zühlke



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