Talk About Under Water Rugby


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Talk about Under Water Rugby
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Coming soon March 2015

You love them

(c) Winne

Talk with Wolf and Lorena about Under Water Rugby.

Regular live TV-show every month.



“Behind the scene” about the league of Venezuela, talking with

Oswaldo Garcia
Victor Gonzalez
Fredis Lucena


(c) CMAS

“Behind the scene” from the next World Championship in Colombia talking with


topical on March

topical on March

Live Talking

(c) Skype

Speak with us about important themes.



(c) Winne

Hello I’m Bob Robinson.
I talk about rules and other problems.


coming soon


(c) Wolf Tress

Whenever is the right point in time to begin the training with young people ?


(c) Winne

How can I fix a goal on the pools ground ?

That’s one of the questions we answer to realise a perfect tournament.


(c) Kerstin Jahn

Learn the different to other national leagues. 

All about the teams an the league leaders.

coming soon

coming soon

coming soon


(c) Lena Zheleznyak

Hear more about the fantastic tournament in St.Petersburg.

5.-7. June 2015

German Women

(c) Kerstin Jahn

A report from the 2nd day of the German Women league

finished see here

finished see here



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This video from Winfried Zuehlke is lizensed under a Creative Commons License.